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Spring cleaning can mean various things - reassessing, reorganizing, and making space for all things fresh and new. This resource serves as an inspiration to help you spring clean your business with Meta tools.

My Personal Brand: Selva Negra

Kristen Gonzalez, the founder of Selva Negra, takes us through her best practices when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

One way to get started with advertising on Facebook and Instagram is by boosting an existing post. Let’s hear how Kristen uses this tool to help grow her business.

Manage your ad campaigns

Reporting in Ads Manager can help you determine how close you are to reaching your goals. You can use the metrics in Ads Manager to learn what worked well and what can be improved, which can inform future ad campaigns. You can also use the metrics in Ads Manager to optimize ads while they’re running. In this video, you'll learn how to navigate reporting in Ads Manager and what types of information the default campaign report includes so that you can build meaningful dashboards relevant to your business.

Elevate your marketing strategy

The Meta Elevate Toolkit is your guide to understanding the digital marketing tools and resources we offer to support small businesses. In it, you’ll find guidance on how to use Meta technologies and programs for your business, access a personalized marketing plan and find other learning opportunities.