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This Juneteenth, Meta Elevate celebrates Black voices and the next generation of innovators and pioneers. In this resource, we’ll look at how Meta technologies can help Black entrepreneurs and small business owners shape the future of creativity, commerce and culture.

Reach your business goals with Reels

In this training, Tevah El Emmet, Elevate member and Meta technologies expert, shows you how to use Reels to reach your business goals. You’ll learn how to engage your audience, express yourself creatively, get inspired and create a plan for your reel. You’ll also learn how to create a new reel in six steps, and how to create a reel from an existing video.


Attract new customers with Instagram

Push your creativity and experiment with storytelling tools to grow your network and attract new customers on Instagram.

The Meta Elevate scholarship program

Meta Elevate is awarding 100,000 scholarships through Meta Blueprint, giving Black professionals and students an opportunity to earn a Meta Certification for free.

Meta Certification is valuable training that can help you plan and run more efficient campaigns. And it works—Business Manager client accounts managed by people with a Meta Certification have shown the highest increase in effective spend, increasing more than 20 points.


Meta Elevate scholarships learning portal

Prepare for your Meta Certification with free training and resources.

Meet Anikitia Abram

Anikitia is a digital marketer and small business owner based in Georgia who was recently awarded a Meta Elevate scholarship. Anikitia earned a Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certification and used the knowledge she gained to scale her business. Free access to the certification proved to be a strong resource for Anikitia, as she didn’t have the funds to hire an agency to help her business grow.

Anikitia’s story is one example of how great an impact these educational tools and resources can have on the lives and dreams of many small business owners and professionals.

My personal brand: Trade Street Jam Co.

Ashley Rouse, the founder of Trade Street Jam Co., takes us through her best practices for using Facebook and Instagram tools to grow her business.

Elevate your marketing strategy

The Meta Elevate Toolkit is your guide to understanding the digital marketing tools and resources we offer to support small businesses. In it, you’ll find guidance on how to use Meta technologies and programs for your business, access a personalized marketing plan and find other learning opportunities.


Meta Elevate toolkit

Access free guidance on how to use Meta technologies, a personalized marketing plan and other helpful resources.